Did you know!!!!

Wow! Did you know that over 80% of insurance companies took a substantial rate increase in 2022? As a result, 96% of Americans are overpaying for their insurance. ????

One benefit of having an independent insurance agent is the agent's ability to quote insurance through multiple companies while keeping all of your policies under the same roof.

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My name is Shawn Miller and I retired from the Air Force after 23 years. In that 23 years many leaders always reminded me that we need to make everything better than what we found it as. Going into insurance, that saying was on my mind. I want to make sure every person has what they need to cover their assets. When you call our Agency, you get everything we can offer. One more thing, before setting my mind to owning an insurance agency my wife asked one question; Can we help people? My answer was easy, insurance is all about helping others. Please reach out to us and let us show you what insurance is all about.